Sunday, March 10, 2013

FRQ Test Question for HSPE Week

Explain how a hypothetical extracellular signal (like a hormone) can result in a cellular response. Your answer must include knowledge of 1) cell membrane receptor, 2) signal transduction in cell, 3) gene activiation, and 4) gene product. No specific example of a signal is required. It would help to review sections 5.5, 5.6, have knowledge of chapter 10, and parts of chapter 11. Each section, 1-4, is worth a maximum of 5 points and 20 points total. Grade reported as percent scored.

Here are some inks to DNA animations I have used in class.

What is on Big Idea III Test b

          History of DNA research
        Hershey – Chase
        Avery, MacLeod, and McCarty
        Watson and Crick / Franklin and Wilkins
          DNA structure
        Antiparallel configuration
        5’ – 3’
          DNA replication
        Semiconservative, in a 5’ – 3’ direction
        Replication fork
        Leading strand, lagging strand, and Okazaki fragment
        Point mutations
        Chromosomal mutations
          Concept of the gene has changed
        Garrod’s observation and hypothesis
        One gene, one protein
          The Central Dogma
        mRNA processing
          The process of translation
          The standard genetic code
          Point mutations and the genetic code
        Post translation protein modification
          Gene expression strategies
          The OPERON
        lac operon
        trp operon
        How it works and is regulated
        Promoter structure
        Initiation of transcription
        Epigenetic changes
        Alternate splicing of mRNA