Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Watson and Crick

One of the most important discoveries in modern genetics was that DNA exists as a double helix. James Watson and Francis Crick published this finiding in Nature in the April 25, 1953 issue. They followed their initial paper with another that detailed a mechanism for DNA replication.

Here is a copy of their original paper for your reading pleasure (it's only a page long, and well worth taking a look at as a peice of scientific history).



V. Dan said...

I googled the Pauling/Corey model; it's so friggin confusing to look at. Sooo glad that isn't what DNA actually looks like, or else that would be a batch (of cookies, if you catch my drift... or not) to learn.

Am I the only one who looks at this blog? There's snow, so I should be outside. I don't have a life :/ (<--- That's a face with a slightly dissatisfied expression, just in case you're the type that possesses no creativity and need it explained.)

Tyler Alling said...

Victoria...You really do need a life and no you are not the only one that looks at this blog.

V. Dan said...

Apparently aha.