Thursday, August 23, 2012

Welcome to AP Biology

You are reading this post because you were invited to the blog and accepted - Welcome. The Mariner AP Biology blog will serve as a place to receive assignments, discuss biology with your classmates, ask me questions, and more as we think of uses. Before we begin with the summer assignments I want to share with you a quote by Peter Dorman on the blog Econospeak -

"A part of our paralysis, however, can be chalked up to the fact that the twentieth century’s most important cognitive revolution, the shift from deterministic to probabilistic thinking, is still confined to a tiny sliver of the population. …Don’t worry about the warning label on the package: smoking can’t cause cancer because I know someone who is almost 90, in great health and still smokes a pack a day. …Thinking probabilistically isn’t something we’re born with. It has to be taught; in fact it has to be taught over and over because it seems to go against our natural cognitive tendencies. A lot of readers of this blog (insofar as a high percentage of a low number can be “a lot”) are teachers. Whatever your subject, there is no more important goal you can strive for."

Put another way, the universe plays dice. Science helps us game the system by showing us how the dice are loaded. If you are truly interested in a future in the sciences, learn this. A significant portion of this course will be focused on doing science and that relies on probability and statistics.


Check in soon for your first summer assignment.

Mr. Baker

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