Sunday, March 1, 2009

This Week


The purpose of this post is to give you a preview to this week in AP Biology. Tomorrow your FRQs are due and I will be lecturing (with animation support) on the trp and lac operons on E. coli. Tuesday we will count fruit flies. I was at school today and many have emerged from their pupae and by Tuesday there should be many more. Wednesday I will lecture with animation on gene expression in eukaryotes and chapter 21. Thursday, let's have a test review and a test on Friday.

See you tomorrow,

Mr. Baker


Mr.Sexy said...

Mr. Baker, you should put a link of DNA replication up too! Thanks.


Bulgan said...

Mr. Baker, or whoever is reading this, i have a question..
What do you mean by the genes to protein? because i can't find from the text book, and single gene inheritance, single gene two gene probability too. :(

Ca said...

Bulgan, I think that he meant the linking from genes to protein. You know how the book talk about it in Chapter 17, transcription and translation processes...

Anonymous said...

hello everyone!
I found some of Mr.bakers animations and since it seems he cant post them today I will...hopefully it helps some of you.

Bulgan said...

Oh really? alright, let me go check it.