Thursday, January 22, 2009

Applied Sciences: Medicine

My name is Samara Mohamed. I'm also a former student of Mr. Baker, who took general biology in 1994, genetics in 1997, and was formally introduced to the wonderful world of genetics bench work by Mr. Baker in 1997.

I went to Seattle University, and Majored in Biology and Chemistry with a minor in Physics. I did continue to do research in college: various collegiate projects and even a 2 summer internship with the Merck pharmecutical company in their vaccine department. However, I felt a greater need for human connection which led me to medicine.

I went to Midwestern University--Arizona College of Osteopathic Medicine. Osteopathic medicine is a parallel track to allopathic medicine with a focus on holistic treatment of the patient and includes additional manipulation treatment. I graduated in 2002 and started a Pediatric Residency at the Oklahoma State University Medical Center in Tulsa, OK. I'm currently 6 months from finishing my residency and will be deployed by the US Army for general practice. Since the military paid for my medical school bills, I will repay them with 4 years of Active Duty service. I do plan on pursuing a sub-specialty in Pediatrics in the near future--possibly Adolescent medicine, palliative care, emergency medicine or interventional cardiology.

I like to think of medicine as applied science. I have been amazed at how helpful basic chemistry, genetics, and newtonian physics have contributed to my understanding of the human body. It's been invaluable to have good research background to decipher the mounds of research that comes out daily.

I don't have any cool articles to post at the moment, but I'll try to post some as I come across any.


Shauna said...

Hi Samara my name is Shauna. I hope to get either a Bio degree or a pre-vet degree and then go on to the DVM program at WSU. I got accepted to SU and am waiting for UW and WSU to get back to me, then I will have to decide where to go for my undergrad. So, I am sure that I will have questions later about your college experience. Welcome to the blog.

Mr. Baker said...

Great introduction Samara. I still have your lab book from when you helped me at the bench. I am writing this from the Mukilteo Lab and the book is right behind me on the shelf. I wonder where the Army will send you? Welcome to the blog and I look forward to future posts.

Bulgan said...

Hi, Welcome to the blog^^
So to become a doctor or a nurse, you have to take genetics and Newtonian physics in college? Anyways, what is the Active Duty service? What will you going to do there?
Sorry for the weird questions, and once again WELCOME:)

Samara Peters said...

It's probably best to look up the latest for medical school/vet school requirements for entrance. When I applied, back in the stone age, we were required to have 3 terms of English, 2 years of biology, 1 year general chemistry, 1 year organic chemistry and 1 year of physics at minimum. Here's my medical school's current requirements (which are pretty standard):

As for the military, I will be deployed as a general pediatrician. I'm not exactly sure where I'm going, but I have been told it will be a large military hospital. I'll be a physician for infants, children and adolescents up to age 21-25.