Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Three Question Thursday Time

Write your TQTQ for 1-8-09 here. Just click on comments and submit your questions. I will respond to some of them and each week post a new TQTQ request.

Mr. Baker


Inwoo said...


Cintia said...

1. Why is it that cancer cells don't have a density dependent inhibition's nor anchorage dependence?

2.Do random checkpoints in cancer cells involve mixing with CDK?

3. Without the tetrad what would happen?

Inwoo said...

1. Without centrioles, how do plant cells split?
2. What is metastasis?
3. Why are human chromosomes purple?

Ana said...

Okay here are my January 8th TQT
1. One of the chapter Quizzes (11) had the following Question:
Lipid soluble signal molecules, such as testosterone, cross the plasma membranes of all cells but affect only their target cells because?
The answer:
Intracellular receptors are present only in target cells.
Could you please explain this?
2. In chapter 10 there is the talk about Photosystems I and II. Can a thylakoid membrane function without one of these?
3.What exactly is Pyruvate??

Ca said...

1. What caused the decline of "maturation promoting factor" (M-phase) at the end of the mitosis cycle?
2. A protein is released by a certain body to stimulate other cells to divide. At which point would cells stop dividing?
3. What are the differences between density-dependent inhibitor and anchorage dependence?

Cintia said...

For inwoo:
1. don't plant cells split because of the forming of the cell plate in the middle of the cell?. Insted animal cells go through the process of cytokinesis which will seperate both with the "pinch".

Shauna said...

1. In plant cells, will the cell walls form after cytokinesis?( I am guessing it does)...and where does the material for the cell wall come from(what organelle)?
2. What causes the chromatin to move to opposite ends of the cell? ( during mitosis..and meiosis?)
3.(sorry this one is so confusing) When the "beginning" cell divides into it's daughter cells, where do the other "beginning" cells come from? Can somatic cells go through mitosis to form gamete cells? Am I totally off base in cell logic?

Hong-An said...

1. In many online science website, mitosis has a prometaphase. Does that mean that the distinction between prophase and metaphase stage is very broad?
2. In pictures they always show four chromosomes. Is this to simplify?
3. How does mitosis work if plant cell's DNA chromosomes don't have centrioles?

TahiraMadness said...

Hello children! And Mr. Baker!

My questions are as follows. Ahem.

**Do cells pick their cell-mate randomly?

**Do all kinds of cells (blood, white, plant, awesome etc.) join together or is that specific to a certain type of cell?

**Why do we need to block the flow of some ions? Are they bad?


Keely said...

Hello everybody! Sorry about the questions. I know they are a little random.

~Could a sex cell end up with only chromosomes from the mom or only the dad?

~Since genetic disorders come from mutation in chromosomes in gamates why doesn't the body find a way to distroy mutated gamates? Like how the body distroys mutated cells during mitosis.

~Does meiosis have any checkpoints like mitosis?

~Do plants go through meiosis?


Mr. Baker said...

Way to go with the questions. I will select some of the questions and respond to them over the next few days. Also, if you have questions as you prepare for the exam, be sure to write.

Mr. Baker

Bulgan419 said...

1. How many stages does meiosis have?
2, Do every living things go through mitosis?
3. What exactly does centriols do?